StenoCAT Additional Installations

Important Information for New Users:

A basic single installation allows one virtual key which can be used on more than one computer on non-concurrent basis. This meets the needs of any reporter who uses one computer for the majority of work, however, also accommodates the switching between other backup computers. To use your virtual key on another computer, you must first deactivate the registered computer.

This basic version is the most economical option for any reporter.

If your regular work environment requires that you move between computers several times a day, you may benefit by adding the additional registered installation(s) to your license. This convenience option may be added at the time of sale or later. Or, if you are a "power user" please refer to our bundled package which includes Basic Reporter + Trialbook Streaming + 2nd installation.

With additional registration(s), you do not need to first deactivate the original computer. This offers ease and convenience, but is not license for concurrent usage or multiple users. If one computer is idle, you may switch to the other computer with this option. The reporter basic version does not offer this convenience.

Version 8.0 Reporter Options
Reporter (Basic) Reporter + TBPRO (Power) Reporter + 1 Installation Reporter + 2 Installations Reporter + Scopist
Annual Subscription $724 $724 + $599 $724 + $129 $724 + $258 $724 + $429
Start-up Fee $499 $499 $499 $499 $499 + $249
Registered PCs 1 2 2 3 2
Number of Users 1 1 1 1 1 & 1
Concurrent Sessions No No No No Yes
More options available. For full features return to Reporter Page.

To discuss additional installation and concurrent usage options in further detail, please contact Sales before processing your selection.

Keyless Activation

Keyless activation is simple! You’ll need access to high-speed internet to download the software and then activate your virtual key onto a registered computer for the first time. Your StenoCAT login account will record your unique virtual key ID and your computer identification for the particular license options you selected when you first purchased your product.

Sometime after your first activation, your software will prompt you when it needs to re-validate your license. Then, take the recommended action once you receive the prompt. Re-validation requests will be conducted randomly throughout the service period, but each time you will receive a notification to access the internet within the required timeframe. To re-validate, you must have StenoCAT open while connected to the internet.

To give you the best peace of mind in any job, we recommend you always prep your machine and check your writer, your computer, and all your cables the night before a major trial. Make sure your operating system is not going to drop into “automatic update” mode in the middle of a session. Then connect to the internet (and start StenoCAT) to re-validate the software installation automatically. This is the best way to ensure you keep your access uninterrupted.

Additional Concurrent Session

If there is another individual who is working with you to edit your transcripts, and you want to bundle them into your license, you may purchase a concurrent edit session for that purpose. Contact Sales to see what discounts are available for bundled software – these are not available online. The Reporter purchasing the bundle is responsible for purchase, annual renewals, and user access to the software.

The individual Scopist is always free to purchase their own license to provide independent services to multiple clients, but they would not receive the bundled discount and would manage their own license.