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Court Reporting Software for Windows
StenoCAT 32
For Windows 8, 7, and Vista
per year
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Step up to the only full-featured court reporting software system that gives you everything you need in today's reporting environment, for an annual subscription rate that you can afford.

Learn more about our $699 Subscription.
It's the best value for court reporting software.

StenoCAT 32 is full featured CAT software available at a reasonable annual subscription rate, which includes software, unlimited technical support, and updates for one year.

Feature Highlights
Internet Streaming*
Now reach even more clients in more places. Broadcast your RealTime session to unlimited viewers, LIVE over the Internet.
Output to iPad & Mobile Devices
Send your Realtime output to more viewers using tablets, phones, and other computers. All Wirelessly
Writer Compatibility
StenoCAT works with virtually all writers, including Impression, Mira, Fusion, Diamante, Passport, Stylus, and Gemini Revolution & Evolution. Also works with older writers.
Smart Briefs™           
Suggests steno briefs automatically or on demand. Available in realtime or non-realtime. Briefs are based on your own steno theory. "It's truly amazing."
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Seating Chart         
Track the name and location of speakers efficiently, and easily, with electronic name tags. View and save the seating chart for future reference.
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PDF with Digital Signatures    
Generate PDF files with digital signatures. Includes encryption
options to secure the transcript and meet electronic filing requirements.
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Address Book         
Save and retrieve contact information to your StenoCAT Address Book. Auto-insert into the transcript, or save contact information on the fly.
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Internet Search      
Instant internet search direct from within the StenoCAT Editor.
Save time, save keystrokes, search faster.
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Smart Keys™
Edit transcripts with the fewest keystrokes possible. Smart Keys are intuitive, easy to learn and super efficient. You'll feel like an expert in no time at all.
Wireless Ready
From your writer to your computer, and to the judge or attorneys. When you're ready to cut the cord, StenoCAT is compatible with the latest wireless devices.
  Synchronize Browsers
Compatible with all industry recognized realtime browsers.
Refresh the judge or attorney viewers with your edit changes
at any time.
InSync® - Audio Synchronization
Synchronized audio with your transcript makes editing faster and more accurate. You can even import the audio from your new generation writer.
Larger Fonts
Give your eyes a rest. Larger fonts are available in many frequently used dialogs throughout StenoCAT.
Support & Software
Support and software updates are included in the standard subscription. And there are no penalties if your subscription lapses.
*Optional features available for additional fee.

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