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How much is StenoCAT 32?
What kind of computer do I need to run StenoCAT 32?
Can I still use my dictionary?
Is it compatible with my Writer?

How do I qualify for a Reporter Home Key?
How do I renew my reporter home key? It no longer works.
Will you update my old home key to run StenoCAT 32?
Can I apply subscription payments to a purchase at a later date?
How does the subscription renewal work?

About "Classifieds" you see elsewhere...
About Keys...
I Have a Scopist...
Audio Synchronization Utility - "Insync"
Local & State Association Conventions - Training

How much is StenoCAT 32?
StenoCAT 32 is fully Windows, full 32-bit, and runs on the fastest computers with the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems available on the market.
  • Subscribe to StenoCAT 32. Oour subscription provides you with 32-bit software, support. updates and webinars. You never need to worry about support, or whether you need to buy an update. There is a one-time nonrefundable startup fee. From that point on (unless you let your contract lapse) you pay only the subscription rate. Student and Edit Station Subscriptions are also available for a smaller subscription rate.

    (*We may be running a special offer. Please call 800-909-9199 for details.)
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What kind of computer do I need to run StenoCAT 32?
Please see our "System Requirements" section for detailed information.
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Can I still use my dictionary?
Over the years we have determined that more often than not, most translation "issues" can be traced back to a dictionary that simply needed some clean-up.

Obviously, dictionaries from older StenoCAT versions have better conversion rates than those from other systems, but our technical support staff has plenty of experience helping our customers convert to their new system. If your dictionary needs additional outside help, we can also recommend resources that have worked well for other customers in the past.
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Is it compatible with my Writer?
StenoCAT 32 is compatible with all writers with a serial port connection. Gigatron is constantly developing StenoCAT 32 software to meet changing standards for operating systems and hardware compatibility.

However, there are a few older writers that are not completely compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. Such writers are Baron, StenoWriter, Merit Writer, or other similar old writer that use non-DOS-formatted diskettes. Please verify with your Gigatron Sales representative whether your writer is compatible with the operating system you are planning to use.
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How do I qualify for a reporter home key?
If you are an active StenoCAT32 Subscriber (i.e. your license type is "GSC32-S-SC"), you may have the option to add a USB home key during your subscription renewal period.

To order your USB StenoCAT home key, login to your account on our website and visit the store to review your purchase options. If you purchase a home key during your renewal, it will work for the entire duration of your renewed subscription period. When it expires, you will have the option to renew it for the same period as your reporter subscription. Keep in mind that home keys are for YOUR use only, and cannot be used concurrently with your realtime key or given to another Reporter, Scopist, etc.

Gigatron reserves the right to refuse home key renewals on any key over five years old or where the license has lapsed or not been maintained in active status. Home Keys are not subject to replacement except during the first year warranty period. Home key purchases and renewals are non-refundable. Limit one GSC32 secondary key per license.
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How do I renew my reporter home key? It no longer works.
To run a limited version of StenoCAT32 on a home key, it must meet the following terms:

  1. It must be a "GSC32 Key" type (if it was purchased circa 1990-2000, it is most likely not eligible for renewal). Your key may display a label on the key indicating its key type. If there is no label, or if the label is illegible, simply login to your account on our website to check your license profile. Ineligible key types are: "Spectrum Key" or "Platinum Key" "Edit Key" "Full Key" or "Home Key"
  2. It must be designated under your GSC32-S-SC* license as a "secondary" key.
  3. You may need to update to the latest version of StenoCAT and install the latest key drivers if your key cannot be activated.
  4. If you have an old key that has become damaged and/or is no longer under warranty, you may return it to Gigatron and purchase a new home key under the current sales terms offered in the online store. Contact your sales rep for an RMA number before sending your key to us.
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Will you update my old home key to run StenoCAT 32?
No. For users upgrading from older versions of StenoCAT (Spectrum, Platinum, OPEN), Home Keys will not be eligible for use with Stenocat 32.
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Can I apply subscription payments to a purchase at a later date?
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How do subscription renewals work?
When you renew your annual subscription, our online store will automatically
add 365 days to your original expiration date on file. Your key may be immediately activated for the new expiration date. Lapsed subscriptions are subject to a late renewal fee.
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About "Classifieds" you see elsewhere...

Can I purchase StenoCAT through the classifieds I see in JCR and on the web?
If you do, beware. The NCRA Journal of Court Reporting even published an articleaddressing this issue. Any software that is over five years old is already obsolete in today's fast changing technology environment.

Our policies are as follows:

  • Gigatron reserves the exclusive right to transfer software licenses.
  • Not all software licenses are transferable.
  • Fees of $350 must be paid to Gigatron prior to the transfer.
  • Support is not included and is not transferable. CHeck with your sales rep for current support pricing..
  • Subscriptions are nontransferable.
  • Remember, if your license is not registered with Gigatron, you are not eligible for support, updates or replacement parts.
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About Keys...
Hardware keys help protect your software from unauthorized use. We do not make the keys, but have contracted with the software industry's most prominent maker of security products. Your software will work only when the key is connected to a port on the back of your computer.

  • Replacement of "Bad Keys"
    The keys come with a limited warranty that we extend to you. If one goes "bad" within a year we will replace it without charge (plus shipping). If it is past warranty there is a replacement fee of $85, plus shipping. You will also need to return the "bad" key so that we can return it to the manufacturer. If you do not return it to us, we will consider it a "key in use" and invoice you for the full price of a second license of the software, depending on the terms of your license and your specific profile.
  • Replacement of "Lost/Stolen Keys"
    If you are unable to return a key to Gigatron, then it will be considered a "lost or stolen" license, and this license will not be eligible for further software updates, support, or key replacements. A new license will be required to receive a new key. We request that you notify Gigatron (through the website login/contact request or through email ) immediately if you want to report your key lost/stolen. If you do not wish to take the risk of this replacement cost, you may be able to purchase insurance to mitigate this loss.
  • USB port keys
    Most new computers come with USB ports. StenoCAT 32 comes standard with a USB key. Pictures and additional info here.
  • Can I swap my Parallel Port Key for a USB key?
    Some StenoCAT 32 parallel port keys are eligible for our key exchange program. Please check with your sales rep for details.

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I have a Scopist...

Can I get a "home key" for my scopist to use?
No, this is not allowed under the License Agreement. The GSC32 Home Key is for Reporter use only, and is designed for a Reporter to conveniently to leave the realtime key ("primary key") at the office and have another limited functionality key ("secondary key") available to use at a second "home" computer. If you want a key for your Scopist, Gigatron requires a separate Scopist license which is available for subscription or purchase. Just ask for the "Scopist version" of StenoCAT.

What are my options for the scopist package?
Like the "Full" version of our software, you can purchase or subscribe to the "Edit Station/Scopist Package" version of StenoCAT 32. This software provides edit functions only -- no realtime. Scopist subscriptions are eligible for only one scopist key per license.

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Audio Synchronization Utility - "Insync"

Does your company provide software to do audio synchronization of transcripts? Yes, provided you have purchased the InSync utility.
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Local & State Association Conventions: Training

Our trainers and sales representatives field frequent requests to travel to state and local reporting association meetings throughout the year. We appreciate the need for high-quality product training and knowledgeable corporate representation. Please visit our Training Opportunities page for more information.

Please call us on 1-800-909-9199 if you are interested in having an independent trainer talk with you about fees and arrangements. We will respond by referring any available trainer(s) to your organization.

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